This week we celebrated International Woman’s Day. A nod to all the strong female role models out there. The powers that be gave us an entire day to rejoice the great and good. How wonderful!

However, the pie got an entire week. Now I’m not being pedantic or self centred but a) a week? b) I never heard a GF option, and more importantly, c) as a nation are we really celebrating pies to that extent? Now I’m all for a pie. My all time favourite was Nana’s ‘meat and tatety pie’. Closely followed by the chippy Pukka pie. Although, developments over the past three years have scuppered my pastry passion, I do not necessarily begrudge the UK a week of worship (even if I am yet again prejudiced against due to my affliction to gluten). I do however have an issue with the females only getting a day.

This ‘week’ long jamboree, compared to a mere 24 hours of female solidarity, made me reflect on where we are as a society. Every day, week, month, we seem to be stringing up the bunting for something. Whether it’s one of the pagan style festivals or the latest fad to have s party. This week I learnt people have ‘baby reveal’ and ‘gender reveal’ parties. Both go alongside the now socially acceptable ‘baby shower’. As a mummy of three, I can honestly tell you I have had none of the aforementioned EVER!! It appears 9 years ago (last child born), none of the above actually existed. Or probably more to the point, they hadn’t been thrust into normal life and were something reserved for: Americans, celebrities and MTV reality shows. Do I feel cheated? No! I’m not bitter and don’t necessarily feel like I’ve missed out as missing out is my default setting.

I do though feel these ‘days’, ‘weeks’ and auspicious occasions pass me by. I feel I never make the most out of these events and that I’m always the one who missed the party. I inappropriately miss sending cards, presents and I always say the wrong thing. I’m sorry, but I’m just not made to socialise. I’m rubbish at it. Do not think I’m rude and ungrateful because I am positively thrilled for people when they have something to celebrate. I just feel awkward and as a result I retreat and pretend stuff isn’t happening! However, sometimes I need to stand up buck the trend.

So when I heard women got a day, I did feel cheated. I’d have like a bigger fanfare about this event, I’d have liked it highlighted a month before by Clinton Cards in a way all card companies like to guilt you into buying a card for new made up events (Grandparents Day? I thought everyone mucked in on Mothers/Fathers Day). I would have loved to send cards to beautiful women in my life; reminding them and informing them (as women we don’t get it) how amazing they are. I can easily count on both hands (and sets of toes) a list of stratospherically super women who put me to shame each and every day. Instead, I had no idea and by the time I did the whole thing was over and people were still eating pies. Therefore ladies, apologies. I will however find a way to make it up to you all.

Moving forward, the next special day is in two weeks: Mothers Day. Now that I do get on board with. It’s my favourite day of the year (bar Easter Sunday where you get all the fun of Christmas Day without the stress). I can’t wait to use the excuse ‘it’s my day so you have to run around after me’, every five minutes.

Finally, if you’re twiddling your thumbs (doubt it but you might be waiting around outside a club, for your children that you never had three parties before they were born), it’s worth Googling National Day of…
Tomorrow is: National Earmuffs Day and National Napping Day (I think that could be a top tenner). Tuesday heralds National PJ Day (I wonder if it’s too late to get a discretionary in at work?) and Saturday 18th is something I’m good at ‘National Awkward Moment Day’. I could have a party and retreat to the corner and everything. I’m also quite miffed because Him missed his festival of ‘National Procrastination Week’. He could have spent the entire week writing lists and thinking about stuff. Oh he did…
You can lay claim to some of these events. Put them in your diary and let’s start celebrating and rejoicing the little things in life, the small shite that gets us through the quagmire that life can sometimes be. March 19th is a total winner, National Lets Laugh Day, pencil it in today!

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