Dream Catching

It’s not until you stop. Really stop. That you realise that your dreams can be caught. Dreams are something which shape us, build us up, motivate us. They’re the mood changing game changers.

What’s your dream?
I bet you have a list. I know I do. My list (won’t call it a bucket list as that makes it sound like I’m cramming my beautiful ideals into a plastic smelly round thing). Is full of bejewelled fantasies of intense joy and wonderment. Some attainable; some hard to reach like that scratch on my back. Why, you ask, am I rambling on about ‘My Life List of Dreams’? Well, it’s like this, I’ve had a bit of time on my hands and it got me thinking…

I’ll start with the ‘time on my hands’ part of the statement. Yesterday I went to a spa to luxuriate in all things sweet smelling and fluffy robed. Hours we spent in heavenly scented steam rooms (apart from one which smelt like a public toilet). An hour and a quarter was spent in an outdoor hot tub – it would have been rude not to. A jog at the gym whilst I waited for yoga to start ‘cos I could’. (Seriously, I’m still so relaxed I’m horizontal). And the products? My goodness, the place was packed with fabulous things to sample. Also (my favourite thing) was wall mounted moisturiser – it’s got to catch on!! As a queen connoisseur of luxury (if it’s not soft, beautifully fragrant, wonderfully radiating gorgeousness etc I’d say don’t bother) i revelled in the whole sumptuousness of the whole shebang. I loved that you could ask for new towels and robes from the front desk, whenever yours got slightly damp. As a result I want there to be a spa on my doorstep. I’d actually be willing to sell one of my children just so I could have platinum membership (well not child. Husband maybe). And although we had to share all these areas of relaxation with similar groups of women, I didn’t care. The fact they liked to listen intently and frown at our discussions, did not deter me from continuing (their lives obviously needed spice. Even the man, who I later discovered was a woman). However. It felt like the whole place seemed shrouded in money. Therefore, unlike the women who were hamming up their English to RP quality, I decided to lower the tone by telling the waitress that ‘I’m a lottery winner and would never normally be able to afford such opulence’.

By half past one, after already doing a circuit of the place, stuffing myself with a three course lunch plus a cheeky V and T, I was ready for a snooze. So, off i went to tuck myself into a little nest like pod thing in the ‘slumber room’. Now, as accustomed and excited as I am about napping in the day, this was another thing entirely. Wrapped in my white robe and sated from the food and drink, I drifted into a mindless state of relaxation and wonder. You see, there were no children lurking around the corner, no Disney channel infiltrating my dazed state and no doggy desperate for attention and walkies. This room had a nest. This room had no sound. This room was dark. And this room had no contact with the outside world. Bliss.

Whilst drifting in and out of consciousness, I started to let go of the worries which were crowding me. Such stuff consisting of house, work and children, I decided, was never going away, but easy to dismiss into the box ‘it’ll all come good’. This positive trend continued when I realised my worries were narrowing my vision and that I needed to get cracking on my new life list. After all when you’re approaching a certain age it’s time for reflection and adjustments.

This though is easier than you’d think. Now then, there’s lots of things I’ve never done such as: sky diving, swimming with sharks and that train journey through India. However, I am very lucky and have had some amazing and exhilarating adventures. Also, dreams have to be attainable to some degree (unless someone builds a spa locally that platinum membership will never happen). I’m a realist and don’t like the stomach lurching disappointment of stuff not coming off. So, it’s these facts that make it tricky. Goalposts, are what I set in these circumstances. I have to set a criteria and it consists of the following:

1. ALL DREAMS NEED TO BE BRAND NEW. Don’t repeat anything. Memories are to be treasured so don’t go back and be disappointed.
4. ALL DREAMS REQUIRE TRAVEL. I love to see new stuff. Dream job? Travel writer.

That is all.

So with criteria in mind and with yet another list to write, I felt ready to shape my life for the next five years.

But it’s not that easy…
In situations like this, it appears you have to consider those around you. Earlier today I expressed one of my considered items to someone who replied ‘well that’s rather self indulgent’. Does that mean I have to consider others in my dreams? Hmmm…I think I need another lay down in my nest.

Therefore, list pending.







1 thought on “Dream Catching

  1. Alison Dee

    Fab reading as always. Determined not to loose my sense of Zen! Thank you for your inspiration this weekend! I shall commence upon the lists! Xx


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